Before and After Photos

Weightloss 5

“I Lost 22 lbs!”
“Before starting treatment with Dr. Roth I was having pain in several areas, low energy and was obese. Through Dr. Roth’s treatment, my pain is gone, my weight is dropping and my energy is great. I have learned ways in which emotions impact those areas and have increased my ability to recognize when I am reacting negatively to a food. Thanks Dr. Roth!”
– J.D.

Weightloss 6

Weightloss 9

“I Lost 28 lbs!” – M.S.

Weightloss 7

“I Lost 36 lbs!”
“Fifty-two, overweight, and not feeling as well as I would like. That was me about 5 months ago. I decided to look for some kind of program to help me improve my health. I knew that if I could do it myself, I would have done so already. I had an immediate reward …the pounds started coming off right away! Each week I received the help and encouragement I needed. The big surprise for me is how easy this way of eating has become. I have also lost over 30 pounds and am still losing. And the most important issueor me. I feel so much better! I have energy now. I feel great about myself!!”
– E.F.

Weightloss 2

“I Lost 26 lbs!” – C.B.

Weightloss 3

“I Lost 31 lbs!”
“To begin with I lost over 25 pounds in 8 weeks, and it wasn’t difficult. I am especially happy because I am now eating food that is good for my system, and avoiding food that has been bad for me. In addition to losing weight, and feeling good about it, I am less tired, stronger, and more active. Thank you Doctor Roth. I was in bad shape and getting worse, before meeting you. I tried all the diets and the exercise programs only to keep getting fatter.”
– B.B.

Weightloss 4