Stress and Chemical Stress

Tonight my intention is to provide some self help advice for those of you who experience reactive hypoglycemia or carbohydrate sensitivity.  If you experience carbohydrate sensitivity, i.e. the strong desire to fall asleep shortly after eating a meal, it is best to limit sugar consumption as well as starchy carbs.  Consuming sugar and starchy carbs (pasta) will exacerbate the symptoms.   When asked what  organs and glands are involved with blood sugar handling, the usual response is the liver and pancreas. Both are correct. However, the adrenal glands are often overlooked and a key player for those with hypoglycemia. Stress plays a huge role with the adrenals,often causing these glands to be overworked resulting in many of us complaining of chronic fatigue. Again, limiting your intake of sugar and starchy carbs will generally help. Also taking B1 or thiamin with your meals might also help. Biotics Research has a Nutritional product call Bio glycozyme Forte,which has an an excellent formula to help balance blood sugar.

Dr. Michael Roth
About the Author
Dr. Roth is an experienced and dedicated holistic chiropractor and has been practicing in Ventura County for over 24 years. He offers a unique variety of services from stress reduction and weight management, to treatment for allergies, chronic back pain and more.