Balancing Your Emotional Health by Dr. Michael B. Roth, D.C.




Our emotional state of being is a topic covered by numerous books, magazine articles, and talk show guests. Balancing Your Emotional Health by Dr. Michael Roth is not simply another feel good book. Roth is a holistic chiropractor who shares from his more than twenty years of experience working one-on-one with clients to help them clear the emotional issues sabotaging their health.Balancing Your Emotional Health makes the analogy of comparing the brain to a computer. As science discovers more and more about brain function, this analogy becomes more concrete and plausible. However, humans are more than just mechanically functioning machines. The manner and ability to recognize and process our emotions is one of the qualities that set us apart from other mammals on the planet.

Roth is passionate about wellness.  In a recent interview, he declared that his goal is to “create a shift in health and wellness from a re-active to a pro-active state on a global level.” His book charts a path to guide the reader in that direction.

Discussing the mind-body connection and utilizing the Triad of Health, three interrelated aspects of wellness – structural, chemical and emotional – brings to our attention that health and wellness are more than simply feeling good when we wake up in the morning.

The author explains that we can all live more vital, vigorous lives. Stress is the biggest culprit that robs us of our ability to maintain an optimum level of health. Unrecognized and unacknowledged stress chips away at the very foundation of our being. Stress creates dis-function and dis-ease in the body.

Roth believes that the primary cause of illness is found in early life experiences that have limited our self-expression and left us suppressed, and that we are the only ones who can remove such limitations.

He offers a method to get in touch with the beliefs and identities we carry that no longer serve us. Roth shares a system he has employed with his clients and in his workshops to ultimately remove those limiting beliefs, thus creating space for new, empowering choices that allow each person’s innate balance and wellness to shine forth. The author leads us to experience the unique Somato Emotional Repatterning Technique™(pending) and guides us to apply the system to get in touch with, and ultimately remove, those emotional barriers to health that may be holding us back.

Balancing Your Emotional Health engages, informs, and challenges the reader to take charge of his/her health and wellness; to let go of emotional blocks and replace them with bridges to a life of optimum health and wellness.

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