Chemical Stress and the Mind/Body Connection

Several posts ago I discussed a reflex in the body that becomes activated when we are under stress. By evaluating the range of motion in your neck as well as your hip joint, if there is unilateral restriction that might be an indication of your body being in the fight or flight mode. Today I want to bring your attention to another sign that the body provides for us when there is chemical stress and perhaps toxicity in the body.

When patients present to my office, whether for weight loss or chronic pain, I am looking to see whether their digestion and blood sugar is in balance. For many people, they are not in balance. And what is interesting is that most people are not aware when their digestive system is under stress or toxic.

A simple check that you can do is look at your tongue in the mirror. If you see a white film or coat on your tongue, there is a high probability that your digestive system is under stress. A healthy pink tongue is what we want. If you see a white film, there is no need to panic, just know your digestive system is under stress. You might want to look at what you are eating as a first step.

flickr photo credit eltpics

flickr photo credit eltpics






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Dr. Michael Roth
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