Chemical Stress and the Mind/Body Connection, part 3

Flickr photo credit Moyan Brenn

Flickr photo credit Moyan Brenn

Today I want to discuss briefly another very common form of chemical stress. Many people  have difficulty in balancing their blood sugar. For people who are overweight especially struggle with this. However, in my clinical experience, many people are running around with blood sugar symptoms.

Again, my intention is not to diagnose, but to provide useful information for you and your families. Generally, if you get tired and want to crash about two hours after you eat a meal, that is a sign of reactive hypoglycemia. Other signs of hypoglycemia are fatigue and irritability in the late afternoon, as well as waking up around 2AM and not being able to fall back asleep.  If you are someone who wants to fall asleep immediately after a meal, that is a sign of carbohydrate sensitivity.  I will discuss in future posts different organs and glands which become stressed or are stressed causing blood sugar issues. Once the cause is determined, diet and nutritional supplementation can make a big difference in your symptoms.

Stress Management and the Mind/Body Connection

Dr. Michael Roth
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